Greetings, I’m Tamendra Thapa, a dedicated photographer and accomplished professional engineer. My journey into the world of photography ignited at the age of 14, inspired by my father’s passion for the art. Since then, I’ve nurtured my talents and expertise, evolving into a skilled photographer committed to encapsulating life’s precious instances in a captivating and enduring manner.


With a wealth of event photography experiences, I’ve become adept at freezing moments that stand the test of time. My diverse projects span from intimate gatherings to larger social occasions, each contributing to my growth and enriched understanding of the craft.


Beyond event photography, my proficiency extends to portfolio, product, landscape, and nature photography. My portfolio work artfully brings forth the character and quintessence of my subjects, while my product photography showcases meticulous technique and precision. Through my landscape and nature captures, my deep-rooted admiration for the world’s beauty shines.


Fusing my role as a professional engineer with photography, I offer a distinctive viewpoint. My technical foundation equips me with a knack for problem-solving, an unwavering eye for detail, and a commitment to precision – qualities seamlessly interwoven into my photographic endeavors.


I’m eagerly poised to continue my photographic journey, ceaselessly striving to encapsulate life’s moments in their most exquisite and distinctive forms. I invite you to reach out, whether to explore potential collaborations or simply share your passion for photography.


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